The Strategist

LeslieWrites provides strategic, senior-level counsel to corporate clients, start-ups and non-profit organizations. Value-driven, exceptional work that make clients shine include:

  • Creative Direction
  • Strategy — Digital, Social, Brand, Experiential
  • Business Communications — Marketing & Communications Plans, Marketing Presentations, Advertising Copy, Executive Bios, Press Materials, Newsletter Content, Speeches, Bylined Articles/Opinion Pieces, Award Show Scripts
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Website Project Management
  • Video Production

LeslieWrites - Client Work

Evok Marketing

Evók Life By Design

LeslieWrites develops and executes strategic marketing & Communications STRATEGY TO:

  • Elevate the brand nationally and internationally, solidifying Evók as the leading woman-owned company that designs products for transformation while engineering the abstract concepts of science, spirituality and reality into the most potent and practical tools to help target audiences literally and figuratively evók life by design
  • Position Evók managing partners as thought leaders in design thinking, productivity practices, transformational coaching and leadership technologies
  • Align Evók marketing, communications, social media, digital and e-commerce strategies to define the company’s value proposition, drive sales and establish new relationships and partnerships
  • Build brand recognition, maintain brand integrity, create and sustain brand awareness and drive traffic to

Working with Leslie Gordon seems like you’re working with your most brilliant friend; it’s easy, enjoyable, productive and mutually beneficial. I partnered with her on two, major, multi-faceted projects, which would not have been as successful without her. She brought (and allowed) creativity, marketing and business acumen, and a fresh perspective that is RARE in a world full of copy-cats and playing it safe. Additionally, Leslie inspires those around her to be their best by bringing her A-game. She is a leader that allows others to lead, grow and be great. I’m looking forward to my next project with her and so should you!
— Adina Smith SVP, Integrated Marketing, Brand & PR REVOLT

Bardo + Allied Forces


Content Development

Creative Direction

Media Kit Developmnt

Manage Website Design

Manage Twitter Account

Media Relations


I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Leslie in growing our business partnership over the last couple of years. I can say without hesitation, that she is professional, innovative, and inspiring. She has a strong business acumen and has demonstrated her ability to bring mutual “wins” for both her organization and her client. She is savvy, resourceful, and human centered in her leadership style. I look forward to working with her on future projects.
— Kathy Chow Executive Director Asian American Journalists Association

Toyota and Revolt Create a Convergence of New Technology, Art and Music During SXSW

LeslieWrites was hired to manage public relations for Toyota/Burrell Communications for this contemporary art installation at SXSW in Austin, Texas. 

Sample Media Coverage:

Leslie Gordon is a visionary. Throughout her career she has taken calculated risks in supporting her community, culture and the issue of diversity in the media and corporate America. She did this because it’s her passion and purpose, but also because it’s imperative to humanity, good business, and a global perspective. When I pitched Native Son to Cadillac/General Motors, Leslie was in the meeting. She asked me a lot of questions, considered my bold idea of creating a platform for Black gay men, and supported my vision.
— Emil Wilbekin, Journalist, Activist and Founder of Native Son

Comcast Scandal Viewing Event

Burrell Communications hired LeslieWrites, along with superstar event planner Dana Anderson, to produce a high-profile Comcast Scandal Viewing event to generate awareness for among social media influencers and their followers at the 5th annual Blogalicious conference in Atlanta. The event provided an integrated, 360° experience that engaged more than 350 multicultural bloggers for an evening of Scandal-themed fun, fashion and entertainment, creating an immediate connection with the brand. 

Playing on the ABC Scandal premiere episode’s theme, “It’s Handled,” the venue was transformed into a dramatic, stylish theater-style venue providing bloggers an experience that strengthened brand affinity and gave them an experience they won’t soon forget. Signage and branded Scandal quotes were strategically placed in the ballroom to reinforce key messages and provide a halo effect for the brand. 

Leveraging the influential blogger community along with the #CBTVScandal hashtag proved to be a potent force for making part of the premiere night’s Scandal conversation. For the premiere evening, #CBTVScandal:

  • Garnered 4.7K Tweets
  • Reached an audience of 1.4M
  • Achieved an exposure of 17M
  • Though the broader communications strategy focused on the power of social media among this influential group of bloggers, the Comcast Scandal Viewing Party received coverage from national and local media outlets.

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The Dinner

REVOLT Takes "A Journey Into Sound" Part 1

Leslie Gordon - Program Lead

A Journey Into Sound Part 2

The Drive

REVOLT Takes "A Journey Into Sound" Part 2

Leslie Gordon - Program Lead

A Journey Into Sound Part 3

The Music

REVOLT Takes "A Journey Into Sound" Part 3

Leslie Gordon - Program Lead

Miami Malibu Latin Music Drive

Miami, FL

Leslie Gordon - Spokesperson & Program Lead

Evok Destination BEprint Grand Cayman 2018

Discover Your Drive Student Journalism Program

Detroit, MI

Leslie Gordon - Spokesperson & Program Lead

AAJA member Michelle Yu and Buick takes a 360 journey through the Silver State. The 2016 Buick Cascada is the first Buick convertible offered in the United States in 25 years. The Cascada, a dynamic, stylish convertible uses innovative Powertrain and chassis technologies to complement the driving experience.

Leslie Gordon - Program Lead

Ebony Power 100 Awards

Beverly Hills, CA

Leslie Gordon: Cadillac Spokesperson